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Rest assured your pooch is in good paws with our professional team. Below are some questions that get asked frequently by our customers, new and old alike! 

dog with a magnifying glass

In short, no. This is for a number of reasons, which we will continue to list below:

  1. Our insurance does not cover customers to stay on the property for the duration of the groom
  2. Dogs often behave much calmer and better when their owners are not there. You know what it’s like when you get home from work after not seeing your dog all day? That is generally how they behave the entire time if you stay for the groom, which obviously makes the task a whole lot harder
  3. Safety – we are a busy salon with more than one dog in at a time. We don’t offer one to one grooming but that is not to say we don’t give your dog 100% of our attention when they are in our care. Your presence will disrupt the running of our salon and also other dogs being groomed will be like ‘who the heck’s this guy?’ And become excitable.

Basically, we are asking for you to trust us. It is in our very best interest to treat your pet with the love and care that they deserve. We are very transparent in our salon with the large windows so dogs can see out and you can see in. If you are worried about leaving your pet with a stranger, please make it so we’re not strangers! We encourage as many meet and greets prior to the appointment as you like, whatever makes you more comfortable is what we will strive to do.  If you’d like to arrange a meet and greet, message us on Facebook or call 01803 363750.

Unfortunately we do not have a car park of our own, but there is an off road location right outside our shop which allows a 5 minute drop off/pick up time. Alternatively, you can leave your pet to get pampered, park up in town and get some shopping done!

Kirsty is the main groomer at Hello Pets. She will do the finishing touches on every haircut, if not all of it. Our other members of staff may be doing the bathing, prepping of your dog on occasion. We can assure you that anyone working for us has been carefully chosen for the role, and trained exactly how either Kirsty or Tobie would work themselves, so don’t worry! You can meet and chat to any of the members of our team, please don’t hesitate to do so!

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If your question has not been addressed please contact us for a specific answer.