Dog Nail Clipping Paignton

Nail clipping is an essential part of dog care. Our salon in Paignton clips over 10,000 nails a year – so we definitely know our way around a paw! 

dog holding up it's nails
dog about to have his nails clipped in the hello pets salon

Why It's Important

If left untreated, long and poorly maintained dog nails can cause discomfort when walking, skin irritation, ingrown nails that are prone to infection and can become unsafe to owners! 

We know that not all dogs love their feet being touched (we don’t blame them!) so we offer a service that allows the owner to stay and comfort the dog whilst the nail clipping is carried out.

Nail clipping starts from £8 and we have a quick turnaround service so you won’t be waiting too long!

Contact Hello Pets

If your dog requires a pawdicure then please contact us as soon as possible.