Terms And Conditions

One of the main things we do at Hello Pets is play and fuss your pooch! But unfortunately we do have to have a page where we can get a little dull and serious for a second – all of the things discussed below will benefit your pet and make their experience more enjoyable.

Drop Off And Pick Up

Please ensure you arrive promptly for your appointment. We run a tight schedule and late drop off will make us run late for the rest of the day. If you are later than 15 minutes after your agreed appointment time, we will not be able to groom your dog that day and will have to reschedule. We will text or call at least 30 minutes before your dog is ready to be collected with a time for you to arrive for collection. Please do not come earlier as once the dog see’s you it is hard to get them settled again if we have not completed the groom. If you are later than 30 minutes after the agreed collection time we will have to charge a day care fee of £5.00 per 15 minutes that you are late.

Matted Coats

If the dog’s mattes are not clearing after 10 minutes of brushing, they will be clipped off. This is for the well-being of the dog (as stated in The Animals Welfare Act 2006) as the removal of mattes can be painful. Depending on how bad the matting is will decide the extra charges – as it will take much longer for us to deal with. It is a minimum of £5.00. You will be contacted before clipping off begins and informed of extra charges.  Owner agrees to be responsible for any property damages by pet. Hello Pets will not be held responsible for clipper-burn and/or minor nicks resulting from grooming of matted, neglected coats. On removal of thick, felted mattes the blood often rushes to the surface under the dogs skin, making it appear sore and red. We assure you this is completely normal, and will normally disappears within a couple days. This is another reason why we are always nagging about the importance of daily brushing!


If you do not disclose that your dog has fleas before they are left in our care, you will be charged £5 for a thorough flea bath and a minimum of £10 to cover deep cleaning cost of the salon. We can’t stress enough how important it is to NOT bring your dog into our salon with fleas, they will almost instantly jump onto other dogs in our care and obviously, that is a huge problem.

Cancellation And No Show Policy

Being a busy salon we can fill your cancelled appointment as long as we are given at least 48 hours notice. For clients who do not show up or cancel with less than a 24 hour notice they will be charged a £15.00 cancellation fee before being able to re-book. We understand that sometimes things crop up and you either simply cannot attend and you forgot to let us know, or you frankly forgot! We allow one free pass but if it were to happen again we would have to enforce our policy – and we’re not telling you off, honest!

Thanks for taking the time to read this part! It helps us massively when it comes to running our busy salon, and we appreciate you guys helping to make our job easier! If you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our website, Facebook or call us on 01803 363750.